Our manufacturing facility is located in the Upstate of South Carolina; our small, family-oriented operations allow us to move quickly based on the current market needs. We customize according to the customers needs. At Crescent builders, we recognize that all of our customers, and their needs, are different. When you purchase a building from Crescent Builders, you’ll never get a cookie-cutter building.

Advantages of a Portable Utility Building

  1. Knowledgeable Dealers: Located in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina
  2. Immediate Availability: Our standard, in-stock building can frequently be shipped or delivered the same day it is purchased
  3. Portability: Regardless of where you may live or the location of your business, our buildings are easily transported to you
  4. Appearance: Our Buildings are not only designed for functionality, we also offer a variety of attractive styles that will complement and add value to your property
  5. Easily Customized: Crescent Builders offers a full line of options that will enhance the functionality of your portable building
  6. Weatherproof: Barring the most extreme weather, portable buildings are weatherproof
  7. Durability: Our vinyl and metal buildings are durable and guaranteed not to rot
  8. Low Maintenance: Unlike other building materials, our portable buildings are constructed of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. In most cases, a garden hose is the only equipment you will need to keep your utility building attractive